Diamond ui

Bring clarity to
your components

Diamond UI is a method for organising components to cleanly separate their responsibilities.

Design Systems can get messy

Are you fed up of bloated components?

Can't decide if it's an atom, a molecule or an organism?

Do you add more and more props to your components?

Do you have to update components for every design change?

Are your components awkward to test?

Make things clear and simple

As a product grows and evolves, its UI can get harder to update and maintain, often leading to:

  • bloated components
  • complicated props
  • maintenance hell

Diamond principles force components become more robust, reusable and flexible.

For developers this means:

  • there’s fewer components to maintain
  • clear definitions and less ambiguity
  • future problems are easier to solve
  • components can be framework agnostic

The approach has been tried and tested on a variety of design systems and we’re in the process of building Diamond UI for public use.

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